Understanding Bill 52

Assisted suicide and euthanasia are prescriptions for abuse in Canada and the world |#Bill52

Assisted suicide and euthanasia are prescriptions for abuse and must not be legalized in Canada or anywhere else in the world. It is clear that in the few countries or…

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Quebec #Bill52: New Hampshire rejects assisted suicide bill – Implications for #Quebec ( #Assnat )

Former state representative explains why Quebec should follow New Hampshire and reject assisted suicide and euthanasia. New Hampshire overwhelmingly rejected assisted suicide on March 6, 2014 with a vote of…

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Remedial action requested of Secretary General of the United Nations – #Quebec Euthanasia #Bill52 Violates International Law

Quebec’s proposed law on euthanasia will allow a lethal substance to be injected into an adult person at “the end of life” (which is not defined in the proposed law)…

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Euthanasia laws. All citizens at risk of excesses and abuse

At a press conference, Prof. Dr. Etienne Montero, Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Namur, Belgium, gave an overview of 11 years of euthanasia in Belgium. The proponents…

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What is Bill 52 Quebec – Dr. Paul Saba : Hot debate continues over Quebec “euthanasia” bill

From the Radio-Canada article: Hot debate continues over Quebec “euthanasia” bill. Dr. Saba explains in this interview  the implications of Bill 52 in Quebec.