The Activites and Brief History of The Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice

The Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice has been an active non profit organization in Quebec for over a decade creating innovative healthcare programs and advocating for accessible healthcare for all.

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Well known in Quebec for it’s various endeavors and frequent commentary in the Media on local, national, and recently on an international scale,  the Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice is a non profit organization active in Quebec for over a decade. The Coalition is neither a political , nor a religious group.  The Coalition’s interest lays in advocating for free and accessible public healthcare, quality care and services, and protecting the most vulnerable in our society. A frequent participant in public consultations and conferences on healthcare, the Coalition participates on many levels, including raising awareness int he public

Founder of Innovative Programs in Health Care

The Coalition is the founder of several innovative programs such as the 2003 Cross Canada Walk for Health, which started as a local project and in 2003 was taken nationally. The program looked to encourage healthy and active lifestyles for children and was supported by The Government of Canada, and Minister of Sport. 10,000 children participated across Canada in 10 provinces and the event was covered in both local and national news stories, as well as featured in Today’s Parent Magazine for it’s successful promotion of health for Children.

The Coalition also developed and founded the Integrated Eating Assistance Program for Seniors at Home. A pilot project supported by Health Canada. The program started on a local level, and eventually was supported by the CHSLD and CLSC of Quebec. The Coalition created training programs to teach dietitians how to deploy the pilot program in the CLSC’s and CHSLD’s of Quebec.

The spokesperson for the Coalition of Physicians is Lachine based Family Physician, Dr. Paul Saba. For more about the Coalition, please view our About Us page.

The Coalition has been supported for different causes by thousands of physicians.

Since 1998 the Coalition has promoted free or affordable medicines for those living below the poverty level including those with mental health problems, the disabled and seniors.

The Cross Canada walk for health was supported by the College of Family Physicians of Canada representing about 25,000 family doctors. The Coalition position against euthanasia is currently supported by the World Medical Association which has 9 million doctors in over 100 countries.

The Lachine Hospital Initiative

The Coalition gained wide support to save the only francophone community hospital on the West Island of Montreal resulting in the unanimously supported resolution voted in the National Assembly on June 7, 2007. Among the supporters were the FMOQ (Federation Médecins Omnipraticiens du Quebec) which represents over 8000 family physicians. More recently the Coalition joined ranks with the Conseil pour la protection des malades‎ to insist that the promised funding for the renovation project be disbursed.

 Below is a capture of news stories and articles giving an overview of some of the projects and involvement of the Coalition on various health care related issues over the years.


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